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We will help you create your business success plan

Avoid buying the wrong property, in the wrong place, at the wrong price as so many newbie investors do!

Access to our Private Face Book Group for property investors.

No longer will you be going around feeling lost at all the information on how to invest in property. We are going to help you succeed and get complete clarification on your objectives and what you need to do to build I sensational successful property business.


HOW TO: Creating the foundation - WHAT is your investment path

HOW TO: Creating your Personal plan - WHAT is your personal mission

HOW TO: Creating Your Property Strategy - WHAT property strategy is suitable for YOU

HOW TO: Creating your financial plan - WHAT revenue you are going to make

HOW TO: Creating your legal knowledge - WHAT is your legal obligations

HOW TO: Creating your property investment plan & Implement it -

HOW TO: Build your retirement plan for YOU - WHAT is your robust retirement plan

SWIA - Supports you in laying out the foundation

When we have laid out your foundation plan, your journey to success beings. We will assist you stage by stage, throughout each of the individual modules of your success path you will no longer be feeling overwhelmed with information overload.

SWIA - Will support you to implement each of your success path stages you have learnt

SWIA - Will Support your implementation Through live Facebook Q&A sessions, Zoom workshops/Breakouts and much more

SWIA - Understands that having Support throughout the process of building property business is paramount.


I…need a question answered help please

I…need help with a stage you are at Help please

I…need specialised assistants

I…need to talk, feeling ….

SWIA GOT YOU!!! 24/7 along with all your other Savvy Women support is on tap.

The Savvy Women Investors Academy is for YOU if you...

Have not started making any plans for your retirement

Have not got a pension plan in place

Have not figured out what to invest in

Have not worked out what property strategy is best suited to you

You have not worked out what type of properties to invest in

You are focused on growing a property portfolio

You lack some knowledge and what to build a profitable portfolio

You have a desire to learn

You want to be part of the community that is supportive and will help you grow and has lots of fun for you to get involved with

You currently have a business and want to leverage this to build on your investments

You have a small portfolio and want to expand

You are seasoned property investor, but feel stuck unable to grow

You want to learn more about property

We have a variety of Savvy Women that we work with, from a variety of industries.

Let me show you a few…



Graphic designers

Virtual Assistants

Government housing specialist

Course creators

Finance Planners

Mortgage Advisors




Interior Designers

Event planners


PR specialists

Health & Beauty

Virtual Assistants

Professional services


Builders (Female)

Physical product-based businesses

Makeup artists


Health & wellness coaches


Parenting advisors

Savvy Woman Is this like you? 

  • You know you want to BUILD your property business
  • You know you want to see more cash in the bank

  • You know you need to be investing for the future

  • You know that other women are doing it!


  • You do not know where to start?!

  • You do not have the time to find out the information to build your property business

  • You know you need to find the right investments, but where?

  • You cannot figure out where to spend your property funds what the best strategy!

  • You want to know all the free ways to fund your property business!



SWIA GOT YOU!!! And this is what we will give you Easy to follow step-by-step Lessons

We know that there are lots of courses and training out there. HECK we even know that you could find everything you want for free on the Internet, that is if you have weeks and years to shuffle through all their information and the syphon what it will work for your business and property strategy. We have been there, and we have done that never again. We have created these lessons for you in mind they are step by step and it will build from your foundation to your implementation and as you follow through the process of your success so your business will grow. There's no more time to waste in trying to figure out the best property strategy that suits you we're here to help you we've taken away all the  hassle so you can have all the pleasure of building a profitable property business.

SWIA GOT YOU!!! And this is what we will give you… Actionable steps to implement NOW!!!

It can be effortless to take up a course. Effortless to learn. Effortless to read a book. Effortless to network. However, none of that will make you successful. You may be shocked at hearing this, but I am serious. It is about taking ACTION! We are aware of this, so want to make it fun. In each of your lessons you will get an action task that you need to do each week in our private Facebook group. There will be weekly action task that you need to implement, so that you can succeed. There will be lots of prizes, fun challenges, and much more it is just not goanna be another one of those faceless Facebook groups we are the Savvy family community. We are there to give you all the help and support and take you on your business and life to another level.

SWIA GOT YOU!!! And this is what we will give you…Experts to help you grow

We know why getting the support from experts and collaborating with ever savvy women on your journey inspiring each another, sharing ideas will help you make progress which will be a win win for everyone. We will be doing virtual workshops, virtual breakout rooms, virtual mastermind groups, plus we have incorporated the one-to-one experience will you get help with your individual strategy maximise it on your time helping you to continue grow and learn.

SWIA GOT YOU!!! And this is what we will give you…Month after month mentorship which will set you on your path of success.

With each module broken up into manageable lessons which has goal settings for you to implement we are also be having VIP guest trainers that they can share with you their expertise. But also have a weekly live Q and A's sessions. Our drive is to see you succeed so we want to see your business get to the next level. We understand that most of us must follow a PATH + TAKE STEPS + ACCOUNTABILITY to get you there.

So, what are the benefits of being a member?

Here are all the goodies that you will be receiving when you come into the savvy women investor's Academy.

Savvy Master Courses

Craft your knowledge! Every month we will be releasing jam pack lesson that is related to building your property investment business. Some of the core lessons that you will be covering will focus around building a solid foundation, building your personal strategy plan, finding the right properties, finding the funding to build your portfolio, where to find the best investment, and how to pull your property strategy together and build out your property business. You can work at your own paste giving you enough time to implement each of the task. You have an opportunity to ask your questions from your monthly modules and get the answers in our Facebook group and there you will be able to learn even more.

Savvy Networking

Networking is integral to building lasting relationships and strengthening the growth of your business which will allow you to thrive. This is why we are creating the “Savvy Cocktail hour” It's a mixture of learning within a smaller group so that you can build strong relationships with your fellow savvy women this will take place once a month within the savvy women investors community. Will give you additional training and you will be able to share your property strategy ideas within a smaller group all done virtually. We will have hot topic of the month which will be full of laughter and fun.

Exclusive Facebook group

We do not know how to do boring, so on our page you will be spoilt with lots of perks; inspiration, encouragement, FB Live training, Tips, resources, and an enjoyable environment to be part of being a member of the Savvy community will be somewhere were you want to be week after week. We will have live experts that you will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in each of the lives. We will be awarding prizes and lots more…. We cannot wait for you to experience what it is like to be part of this fun community and you being part of it is going to make it even more special cannot wait to have you on board. When you get your welcome email, it will give you full details how to access this page.

Savvy Coach and ME

Oh yeah Savvy coach and I is all about you. These sessions will be live, and they will be recorded so you really do not want to miss out on this valuable coaching training and mentorship. So, what is savvy coach and me exactly what it says on the tin each week one of the prizes would be to have a live coaching session with our head coach Sapphire where we will be discussing your question live online, with you in the hot seat. We will also be having a monthly topic which features you as a member of the savvy women community you will be able to discuss any business challenges you might be facing and we will be able to evaluate, share ideas and make suggestions on actions that you can go away and implement, so you can improve and grow your property business.

Savvy Target preparing workshop

The old adage is “if you don't plan you, plan to fail”.  I get really excited on the savvy target. Each month we are going to come together as a community and map out the month ahead. You have several opportunities to, not only make adjustments to your current working plan, but also have the opportunity to evaluate, what is working and what is not. Enabling you to monitor and track your success path. you will be given the necessary tools so that you can implement your next month’s targets. These sessions are recorded, because they are important, but you do not miss out on any of them so that you can then target and prepare your plan to move yourself forward on your success path to building a property business.

ONE "Must Open" Email a Week

Sounds crazy right! What in the heck is a "Must Open" email? You already get a zillion emails, right! ha! Well, this is exactly why you will only receive ONE amazing and productive MUST OPEN email per week from us regarding the Savvy Women Investors Community. It will include marketing tips, weekly challenge, affirmations, a mindset minute, plus the weekly event calendar and more! SO... watch your email and OPEN it each week! Add us to your "whitelist" so you do not miss it!

Is this Community Right for You?

We understand that everyone learns and grows differently. So, we understand that our Savvy Women Investors Community is NOT for everyone. Please review the list below and see if you feel it would be a good fit for you! We would love to support you and help you.

Is the Savvy Women Investors Academy RIGHT FOR YOU?

Although we believe that the Savvy Women Investors Academy Is the best thing since sliced bread, you may like a certain type of bread ha. Jokes aside we understand that everyone grows and learns in different ways. So, we understand the Academy may not be for everyone. So go ahead and review the list below safety feels right for you and if you feel that you're a good fit we would absolutely love to support you and help you on your property investment journey. But we also know it must be for you.

Enter the door of SWIA if …You say yes to one or more of these

  • You want to build a property portfolio you
  • You want to expand your property portfolio
  • You want to be part of a fantastic community of investors
  • You enjoy learning about property and are a brilliant student
  • You love Collaboration and Networking with other like-minded entrepreneur and investors
  • You enjoy learning at your own pace, without feeling pressured


Close the door of SWIA If...

  • You feel that you are not a good student
  • You are just looking for new business for yourself. Solicitation would not be tolerated of any of our Savvy women Investors academy members. We want you to grow your property business and we love the essence of collaboration you can also share your business strategy that you are building on specific posts and when you have been asked to also within our Savvy targeted workshops. Do not come here and joined this Academy if your sole purpose is to solicit members for any type of product or services.

  • You do not have a good attitude towards your business or other people. The basis of our community it is about support, encouragement love and togetherness. We know that we can wake up sometimes in the morning in a funky mood and that is why we have built an uplifting community so you can come in and feel uplifted and supported when you feel this way.


Before we let you in, we also have some savvy bonuses for you valued over £3,000 get used to being spoiled with the savvy women investors Academy, cause this is what we love to do. We wanted to bring you these five savvy bonuses when you join as a founding member and during our launch. When we relaunch, these bonuses will not exist.


Savvy Agency documents. If you are struggling with all the legal paperwork for onboarding your tenants. These documents will help you with this and you can now stop the constantly searching on the internet and getting frustrated, this bonus will give you the clarity you are after so you can finally know the right way to get your tenants on boarded.  You will get access to this as soon as you complete your registration.


Savvy Property Profits & Pension Workbook which contain over 100’s pages of links to property portals and information, telephone scripts to agents, various control property strategies, how to create and generate a deal Legal templates and much more.


Deal Analysis Template.  Have you ever wondered how property investors ACTUALLY make money? In this bonus training, I will show you step-by-step how it has done.  After this, you will immediately know Module 3 find properties that will give you a return on your investment (ROI).  This program is available right after you register.


Guest Experts & Trainers. We will bring in exclusive Guest Trainers and Experts to our Private FB Group to share their knowledge and pour into YOU! These will be recorded for future viewing and reference. This is literally PRICELESS!

LP Bonus 5 SWIA NBG (2)

Lifetime Discount!


Our monthly membership would never be this low again

This is an exclusive launch and when it closes on the 14th January 11:59pm these offers will cease to exist.

Now is the time to lock this lifetime monthly membership deal as when we relaunch, and we open the doors the price will increase.

I love a good deal and I want to share this low-price membership once in a lifetime offer with you. Once we closed the doors you are locked in at this price forever so long as you are a good standing member. The £147 a month is only for the founding members and this is to allow our members to experience what we have to offer. We are fully aware that what you be getting as a founding member is far more valuable than the £147.00 pounds that you will be paying each month, but we want it to give YOU a special offer at once in a lifetime price to our founding members so go ahead and take full advantage of this offer before it is gone.

  • Launch Promo
  • LOCKED-IN at the lowest monthly payment.
  • $5,000+ monthly value all for only £147.00/mo.
  • Savvy Master Courses (£497 value)
  • Savvy Networking (£297.00 Value)
  • Exclusive Facebook group (£Priceless)
  • Savvy Coach and ME (£997)
  • Savvy Target preparing workshop (£297.00)
  • Savvy Bonuses (£1,000 +)
  • Price locked in & will never increase!
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Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist/Consultant (BABCP Accredited) - NHS, Private Practice and Digital

‘Sapphire has not only been my mentor, but someone that I respect, value and admire. She has provided me with invaluable advice, guidance and encouragement and helped me work towards my goals. When I first met her, I felt inspired by her journey and knew that I wanted her to mentor me and show me how to be successful. Having Sapphire’s support has been a blessing as it has allowed me to see new opportunities, grow as an entrepreneur and to have someone not on believe in me but steer me in the right direction. Sapphire’s knowledge, experience and general attitude towards life is what makes her the woman that she is, and I consider myself fortunate to know let alone work with someone like her

Untitled design (3)


Founder & CEO, Real Fulfilment Int'l: The Wise Wife, The Warrior Queen & My Choice Marriage

Sapphire Gray is known as the Lady boss with great reason. Her comprehensive wealth of knowledge is amazing. She is a highly qualified business growth facilitator, trainer, coach, and support. All her experience and training are incorporated into her many Coaching programs. She has worked with families, individuals, and organizations on Accelerated Wealth, which helps people to plan for their future. Her own business acumen includes owning a finance company, estate agent, building a large profitable property portfolio, an Award-winning business consultancy company, and a social enterprise that helps families. Sapphire has won countless awards, becoming the Top 50 property and Business consultant in the United Kingdom. We have worked together on a number of different projects over many years and her depth of understanding and determination is second to none. If you are looking for any type of wealth-building support, especially in the property portfolio and development arena, I absolutely recommend that you get in touch with Sapphire Gray and her organization as soon as possible.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 14.29.22


Founder Holistic Therapist

Savvy Women Group Ltd helped give me the guidance when first starting my own business within the beauty industry. The most fundamental part of making my business successful was following the advice to set goals on a weekly basis. This included tasks and finances to accomplish no matter how small. Through following this method, it has allowed me to achieve & earn a consistent wage rather than each week being hit & miss! Sapphire is driven to succeed and that energy & determination overflows onto others....


YES- paying annually you get a discount and SAVE £294 so all you will to pay is £1,470.00 Pay in full, and the great news is you will be locked in at this rate for life, so long as your membership is in good standing.

YES - We hope you will not cancel, but for any reason that you must, you will be able to cancel at any time directly from your membership dashboard, or by sending an email to

As we give a promise of 100% satisfaction guarantee, once you have joined us, you have 14 days in which to claim a refund if you believe that the SWI Academy is not for you or we have not offered you any value.

YES, we welcome enthusiastic newcomers a woman that wants to start her investment journey and learn all there is. And getting you off the ground we will help you formulate your plan and give you support to make this happen.

YES, even though you are a seasoned property investor you will be familiar with what I call the “interior designer”. You have everything figured out, but you know that there is just one thing that is missing, and YOU have built your property business and a set of problems have set in to test your patience, determination, and commitment.

As you know as a property owner/entrepreneur there is always times when we encounter the unknown and whenever you are feeling stuck or just need a sounding board the savvy women investors Academy are here to support you SWIA “we got you”   

We are absolutely dedicated to making sure each and every one of our members receives the royal treatment when she joins.

We limit enrolment to a few times a year so we can create an experience where new members are warmly received, supported, and guided to all that the Members’ Club has to offer. By holding dedicated enrolment periods, we can dedicate time and resources to welcoming each new “class” of members.

We believe in offering value for money and with our prices, we have evaluated the industry standard and because of this we want women to be able to invest in themselves without breaking the bank. We have made it affordable, so that while you are building or expanding your property business, we know that you are training, no membership value is low.

Firstly, THANK YOU so much for signing up and welcome to the SAVVY WOMEN INVESTORS ACADEMY. Sorry that you have not received your email yet, but if you can check in your spam or junk Mail folder you may find it is in there if this is the case Please remember to white label our email address. So that you never miss out on another email from the Savvy Women Investors Academy.

We are going to be doing a live training along with a welcome Launch party so you can see where all your modules and other Goodies that we are giving to you. We will be showing you where you able to access the videos, your resources, where you can edit your profile.

Each month you will receive an email with your calendar for that month also on the membership site there is a calendar with all events happening for the up-and-coming months please review these when you log into the site. You would also be able to download it to your different calendars.

Yes, we love to organise events, and these will take place over the Internet we also will be organising and hosting retreats, parties for members and different social events.

Yes, we believe in helping women across the world no matter industry that you are in all members represents a wide range of entrepreneurs so whether you live in America the Caribbean or Australia to name but a few we can help you the material that you will be learning is UK centric which can be applied in any country to where you reside, we will also endeavour to assist you with further information for the country to which you live.


This is what I understand and know as a FACT…

How confusing it can be to choose the right strategy

I know what it is like to have a dream, but do not know how to turn it into a reality

Building a property portfolio from scratch, feeling alone, saying is it right for me? can I even do this?

How to de-syphon information in a simple format that you can understand

Already have an idea of how to build a property portfolio, but feel stagnated

Want to grow your business but feel lost as where to find the energy and the new deals.

SWIA logo

I also know that through this process there be so many wins for you that you will be wondering why you did not do it sooner and that confusion was just a dream.

When you come on board on the SAVVY WOMEN INVESTORS ACADEMY train you be absolutely buzzing with excitement feeling invigorated, confident, and full of ideas you will create your success path, that you want and have everything at your disposal to make this happen.

We are going to simplify the property portfolio building journey for you so that you can secure your future financial goals.

Is one thing we want you to remember we are here for you savvy women investors Academy has got you we will hold your hand through the process and make it an effortless painless opportunity, so that you can build a profitable property business.

Here’s to your greatest success,

Untitled design
Main picture

P.S. We are having trouble containing all the excitement… You’ll see what I mean when you join me in Savvy Women Investors Academy … 😉

P.P.S. Time is ticking. This Fast Action Bonus is about to fly away and when it gone its gone.  So act fast and join us and get SWI Academy 5 lifelines! (£5,000 value) absolutely free.

Discover how to Create a plan of action to get the most out of developing your property strategy.  Find out how to Invest once for a lifetime of profit.

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