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What is the Savvy women investors academy?

We will help you create your business success plan

Avoid buying the wrong property, in the wrong place, at the wrong price as so many newbie investors do!

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No longer will you be going around feeling lost at all the information on how to invest in property. We are going to help you succeed and get complete clarification on your objectives and what you need to do to build I sensational successful property business.



It starts at the beginning - Introduction

HOW TO - Creating the foundation-WHAT is your investment path

HOW TO - creating your Personal plan- WHAT is your personal mission

HOW TO - Creating Your Property Strategy-WHAT property strategy is suitable for YOU

HOW TO - Creating your financial plan-WHAT revenue you are going to make

HOW TO - Creating your legal knowledge-WHAT is your legal obligations

HOW TO - Creating your property investment plan & Implement it

HOW TO -Build your retirement plan for YOU-WHAT is your robust retirement plan

The Savvy Women Investors Academy is for YOU if you...

  • Have not started making any plans for your retirement
  • Have not got a pension plan in place
  • Have not figured out what to invest in
  • Have not worked out what property strategy is best suited to you
  • You have not worked out what type of properties to invest in
  • You are focused on growing a property portfolio
  • You lack some knowledge and what to build a profitable portfolio
  • You have a desire to learn
  • You want to be part of the community that is supportive and will help you grow and has lots of fun for you to get involved with
  • You currently have a business and want to leverage this to build on your investments
  • You have a small portfolio and want to expand
  • You are seasoned property investor, but feel stuck unable to grow
  • You want to learn more about property

Still not sure? Why not download our FREE property investors blueprint and see get a taste of the amazing resources you'll receive when you join the Savvy Women Investors Academy.

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

‘Sapphire has not only been my mentor, but someone that I respect, value and admire.

She has provided me with invaluable advice, guidance and encouragement and helped me work towards my goals.

Having Sapphire’s support has been a blessing as it has allowed me to see new opportunities, grow as an entrepreneur and to have someone not on believe in me but steer me in the right direction.

NABILA EL-ZANATY - Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist/Consultant (BABCP Accredited) - NHS, Private Practice and Digital

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YES- paying annually you get a discount and SAVE £294 so all you will to pay is £1,470.00 Pay in full, and the great news is you will be locked in at this rate for life, so long as your membership is in good standing.

YES - We hope you will not cancel, but for any reason that you must, you will be able to cancel at any time directly from your membership dashboard, or by sending an email to

As we give a promise of 100% satisfaction guarantee, once you have joined us, you have 14 days in which to claim a refund if you believe that the SWI Academy is not for you or we have not offered you any value.

YES, we welcome enthusiastic newcomers a woman that wants to start her investment journey and learn all there is. And getting you off the ground we will help you formulate your plan and give you support to make this happen.

YES, even though you are a seasoned property investor you will be familiar with what I call the “interior designer”. You have everything figured out, but you know that there is just one thing that is missing, and YOU have built your property business and a set of problems have set in to test your patience, determination, and commitment.

As you know as a property owner/entrepreneur there is always times when we encounter the unknown and whenever you are feeling stuck or just need a sounding board the savvy women investors Academy are here to support you SWIA “we got you”   

We are absolutely dedicated to making sure each and every one of our members receives the royal treatment when she joins.

We limit enrolment to a few times a year so we can create an experience where new members are warmly received, supported, and guided to all that the Members’ Club has to offer. By holding dedicated enrolment periods, we can dedicate time and resources to welcoming each new “class” of members.

We believe in offering value for money and with our prices, we have evaluated the industry standard and because of this we want women to be able to invest in themselves without breaking the bank. We have made it affordable, so that while you are building or expanding your property business, we know that you are training, no membership value is low.

Yes, we believe in helping women across the world no matter industry that you are in all members represents a wide range of entrepreneurs so whether you live in America the Caribbean or Australia to name but a few we can help you the material that you will be learning is UK centric which can be applied in any country to where you reside, we will also endeavour to assist you with further information for the country to which you live.


This is what I understand and know as a FACT…


    • How confusing it can be to choose the right strategy

    • I know what it is like to have a dream, but do not know how to turn it into a reality

    • Building a property portfolio from scratch, feeling alone, saying is it right for me? can I even do this?

    • How to de-syphon information in a simple format that you can understand

    • Already have an idea of how to build a property portfolio, but feel stagnated

    • Want to grow your business, but feel lost as where to find the energy and the new deals

I also know that through this process there be so many wins for you that you will be wondering why you did not do it sooner and that confusion was just a dream.

When you come on board on the SAVVY WOMEN INVESTORS ACADEMY train you be absolutely buzzing with excitement feeling invigorated, confident, and full of ideas you will create your success path, that you want and have everything at your disposal to make this happen.

We are going to simplify the property portfolio building journey for you so that you can secure your future financial goals.

One thing we want you to remember we are here for you savvy women investors Academy has got you we will hold your hand through the process and make it an effortless painless opportunity, so that you can build a profitable property business.

Here’s to your greatest success,

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